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This limited Warranty covers any defect in material of workmanship under normal use during the warranty period.

Product is covered with a One (1) Year warranty from the date of purchase

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Warranty will be null and void if:

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  • The product is damaged physically.
  • The product is misused, repaired by non-Better Components Inc technicians, improper maintenance, modified and disassembly of parts, negligence of proper infrastructure to observe the instructions contained in the manual.

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Warranty Limitations:

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  • Damage caused by accident, fire, flood, lightning or other acts of God and force majeure.
  • Warranty of product is limited to manufacturing defects.
  • Warranty of product doesn’t cover other accessories like speaker coils, transducers, power transistors, faders, volume controls, laser pick-ups, cables, correctors and transformers.
  • Check up of units at the area of installation, pull-out of units subject to warranty and re-installation/setup will have appropriate charges. only parts and/or repairs of units are covered by warranties.
  • Freight charges, if any will be shouldered by clients for units under warranty in cases where units need to be sent outside Davao City Service Centre I.e. Onkyo,Bose, Electro Voice, JBL, Yamaha, Shure and Casio
  • Damage caused during shipment or handling
  • Maintenance cleaning of periodic check-ups

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What must you do to obtain warranty:

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  • Contact us at social@bci.ph and log in your complaint.
  • Return product personally with proof of purchase and warranty card
  • Properly pack the product in the original box and carton for shipping.
  • Label and ship with freight prepaid to the address below:

Customer Service Department
Better Components Incorporated
Better Components Bldg., Juan Luna cor. Juan de la Cruz St.,
Barangay 29, Davao City, Davao del Sur, 8000

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Other Conditions:

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This warranty is fully transferrable provided that the current owner is furnished with the original proof of purchase or official receipt. The provision of this warranty is in lieu of other warranties, expressed of implied, written or oral.

Service or repairs are still available even beyond the warranty period but will be subjected to service/repair charges.

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