On-Stage MS8301 Upper Rocker-Lug Mic Stand with Tripod Base


A versatile straight stand, our MS8301 Upper Rocker-Lug Mic Stand with Tripod Base allows the upper mic shaft to tilt up to 40° off of vertical, eliminating the need for a separate boom arm in many instances. There are no knobs to loosen or tighten when making angle adjustments; simply tilt the shaft and it stays in place. When it’s not tilted, the Rocker-Lug slides into the clutch for straight-stand applications. The upper shaft accepts mic clips and other mic accessories. Its tripod base delivers exceptional stability in any setting, even on irregular surfaces, and folds down for convenient storage and transportation.


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  • Rocker-Lug eliminates the need for a boom for a streamlined mic setup
  •  Upper shaft can be used vertically or tilted up to 40° to replace the function of a boom
  •  Heavy-duty, lightweight leg housing for dependable performance and ease of transportation
  •  Burly clutch adjusts the height 39″–63″ for precise, reliable mic placement
Height 39″-63″
Upper Shaft Tilt Range 40 degrees
Base Spread 23″
Threading 5/8″-27″
Color Black
Additional Information
Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 91.4 × 10.2 × 10.2 cm
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