On-Stage GA100 Guitar Capo


To change the pitch of a guitar, simply clamp on the On-Stage GA100 Guitar Capo to play the same chord forms in a different key. Properly sized and contoured for acoustic or electric guitars, its spring-loaded clamp delivers a solid grip on the fretboard that maintains intonation and prevents string buzz. The clamp’s squeeze-to-release mechanism enables quick position adjustments. Padding on the contact points provides uniform pressure while protecting the instrument’s neck and fingerboard from scratches and dents. Its lightweight construction preserves the balance of the instrument.

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  • Clamp-style capo fits a wide range of acoustic and electric guitars
  • Spring-loaded clamp for quick attachment, removal, and position adjustments
  • Zinc-alloy construction delivers a strong grip while its light weight maintains instrument balance
  • Silicone padding protects the finish and applies even pressure to prevent string buzz
Short Description: Guitar Capo
Application: Guitar
Material: Diecast zinc alloy
Padding: Silicone
Color: Black
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