On-Stage VLD360 LED Ring Light Kit


Enjoy bright, even lighting for your visual content with our VLD360 LED Ring Light Kit. Featuring three modes of color temperature- warm white, natural white, and cool white warm white-that each provide eight levels of brightness, the 10″ ring light adapts to a wide range of lighting needs. The light’s gooseneck phone holder rotates 360 degrees to enable camera use in portrait or landscape orientation and the light swivels 180 degrees for ease of finding the most flattering angle. A Bluetooth wireless remote shutter for iOS and Android devices controls the camera from up to 25′ away, making it easy to produce content on your own. Two ring-light stands-one for desktops and one for use on the floor-each adjust in height for precise lighting of sitting or standing subjects.



  • <Delivers 360 degree flicker-free lighting and wide-angle light distribution for evenly lit photos and videos
  •  3 modes of color temperature-warm white, natural white, and cool white-each provide 8 levels of brightness to adapt to various lighting needs
  •  6′ USB cable with built-in remote control makes it easy to change settings without moving the light
  •  Gooseneck phone holder with 360 degree rotation enables camera use in portrait or landscape modes
  •  Bluetooth wireless remote shutter for iOS and Android devices takes photos and controls video recording within a 25′ range
  •  Included 2 height-adjustable stands enable precise light positioning for desktop or standing use
Ring Light Diameter 10″
Color Temperature Adjustment 3200 K / 4500 K / 5500 K (with mode-selector button)
Lumens 1200
Power 12 W
Power Supply USB (5V, 2A)
Swivel Adjustment 180 Degrees
Mounting Thread Size 1/4″
Phone Holder Gooseneck Length 7″
Phone Holder Rotation Adjustment 360 Degrees
Phone Holder Clamp Opening Adjustment 2.25″-3.38″
Desktop Stand Height Adjustment 9″-13″
Base Diameter 6″
Mounting Thread Size 5/8″-27 (Includes a 5/8″-27 to 1/4″ Adapter)
Tripod Base Lighting Stand Height Adjustment 25″-63″
Base Spread 12.5″
LED Quantity 120
Additional Information
Weight 2.27 kg
Dimensions 60 × 34.75 × 7 cm
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