On-Stage Sticks HN7A Hickory Wood Drum Sticks (12 pairs)
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On-Stage Sticks HN7A Hickory Wood Drum Sticks (12 pairs)


To play with precision you need sticks that are straight and durable. To deliver these qualities, our wood-tip HN7A Hickory Drum Sticks have been kiln-dried, sanded, and sealed. Hickory construction provides medium weight, mild flex, and high durability.

Product Attributes
Size 7A
Material  Hickory
Tip Nylon
  •  Hickory wood for medium weight and mild flexibility with a nylon tip for bright cymbal tone
  •  Straight and durable for precise playing and dependable performance
  •  Wood is seasoned and kiln-dried to ensure stability and prevent warping
  •  Brick of 12 pairs provides a long-lasting supply of sticks
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