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Key Features

  • Powerful, high-current toroidal transformer
  • XLR & 1/4” TRS – input connectors
  • 5-way binding posts & SPEAKON – output connectors
  • Selectable stereo mode, parallel mono mode and bridged mono mode
  • INPUT THRU XLR output connectors for signals easily passing through to multi-amps setups
  • Circuit breaker
  • Detent gain controls
  • Selectable low cut filter (30Hz or 50Hz) for protecting speakers
  • Built-in limiters with on/off switches per each channel
  • SIGNAL, CLIP, PROTECT STEREO mode, PARALLEL mode and BRIDGE mono mode LED indicators
  • Dual 2-speed fans

The latest additions to the industry-proven US-Series are two professional 2U heavy-duty power amplifiers for the most challenging applications. The US-3002 are built on a rugged, heavy gauge 2U steel chassis with a sturdy aluminum front panel. The amplifiers use advanced circuitry and a well-designed PCB layout to ensure quality sound and enhanced reliability. Large dual aluminum heatsinks and an oversized toroidal transformer, combined with comprehensive protection circuitry and dual large variable speed fans provide worry-free and reliable operation in the most demanding environments



Model US-3002
8 Ohms 300 watts
4 Ohms 490 watts
2 Ohms 570 watts
8 Ohms 980 watts
4 Ohms 1140 watts
Input Sensitivity 0.775V
Frequency Response ±0.2dB
Signal to Noise Ratio Better than 100dB (20Hz – 20kHz)
Distortion (SMPTE-IM) Less than 0.03%
Output Circuitry AB
Cooling Dual 2-Speed Fans
Crosstalk 70dB
Damping Factor 500
Power Consumption 650W
@Maximum Output Power 8omhs 5.91A@110V
Rank Space 2U
Dimensions 88 x 483 x 434 mm
Net weight 13.7kg


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