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SE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro

  • An incredible tool for home studios or for recording in the Control Room
  • Adds that extra polish to your recordings by starting at the source
  • Removes problem ambience without acoustically treating a room
  • Rear of the mic is isolated producing a smooth, drier sound
  • Excellent for live or studio; vocals, instruments, amps and percussion

The original, patented, portable acoustic treatment device: the Reflexion Filter® PRO.


“Everyone should have one.”   – Ryan Hewitt, Producer/Engineer (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Avett Brothers) –

Beautiful concert halls, gigantic high-ceilinged spaces, lofty stairwells with glorious natural reverb…capturing the sound of an acoustically-pleasing room can make a great recording truly special. But getting a good sound in a bad space is very, very difficult.

What if you’re an artist recording at home? What if you don’t have the budget for a properly treated studio? What if you move to a new house or apartment?

Since sE electronics invented the Reflexion Filter® in 2006, over 120,000 units have made their way into studios and homes worldwide – and it remains the indisputable industry standard for portable, effective acoustic treatment.


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