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B-52 Matrix 2500 Live Sound Package 2

This product package features the B-52 Professional Matrix 2500, a three piece active speaker system. The Matrix 2500  brings clarity, power and performance you can hear and feel and is the perfect choice for any portable PA application requiring reliable and outstanding sound quality. Interested? Click the “I’m Interested” button to find out more about this package.




Package includes:




  • 1 unit Fomix HM62FX 6CH Mixer 
  • 1 set B-52 Matrix 2500
  • 2 units On-Stage Speaker Stand
  • 2 units HotWires MC12-50 XLR-XLR 
  • 2 units SP14-50SS Speak On
  • 1 unit Hotwires MC12-25 Microphone Cable
  • 1 unit Baikal BK40 Vocal Dynamic Microphone
  • 1 unit On-Stage Stands MS9700B Microphone Stand
  • CPK Microphone Holder
  • 1 unit Yaden 3KVA AVR