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B-52 LX-18AV3 Active Folded Horn Subwoofer

  • Powered by  B-52’s award-winning 1200-watt class H amplifier
  • Includes a compressor/ limiter, subsonic filter, phase switch, stereo XLR inputs and both full-range and high-pass XLR outputs.
  • The built-in 18dB/octave electronic crossover provides 70Hz, 100Hz and 140Hz settings allowing you to perfectly match your top cabinets to this sub.
  • The LX-AV3 has the ability to power the passive LX-18V3 subwoofer using the Neutrik™ output on the amplifier panel. Get one active and one passive – connect them together and feels the walls shake!

At a Glance


The LX-18AV3 (active) is the third generation of B-52’s powerful folded horn subwoofer design, hailed by music professionals for their reliability, performance and affordability. The V3 is bigger, louder and better. V3 improvements include a larger cabinet with an improved horn design and our new overbuilt class H amplifier. At the heart of these folded horn cabinets is the new 18-220X subwoofer which provides higher efficiency and an ultra-efficient heat management system which keeps the speaker cool even when driven at high SPLs.



LX-18AV3 Amplifier features

• 1200-watt RMS class H amplifier
• 800 watts RMS @ 8 ohms (LX-18AV3)
• 1200 watts RMS @ 4 ohms (LX-18AV3
& LX-18V3 connected)
• Frequency response: 30-140 Hz
• Built-in 18dB/octave electronic crossover
with 70Hz, 100Hz and 140Hz settings
• Subsonic filter: 24dB/octave @ 30 Hz
• Built-in compressor/limiter
• XLR balanced inputs
• XLR balanced FR & HP outputs
• 0-180° phase switch
• Neutrik™ speaker output
• Full thermal & short circuit protection


LX-18V3 features

• Made in the U.S.A.
• Rugged, impact-resistant black carpet finish
• Void-free, 7-layer, 3/4” plywood construction for maximum durability and minimum weight
• Input connections: (2) 1/4” metal phone
jacks and (1) Neutrik™ NL 4 Speakon™ connector
• Reinforced internal bracings are used to fortify the cabinet
• 4” heavy-duty casters
• Pole-mounting cup


At the heart of the beast

All B-52 folded-horn cabinets are loaded with the new B-52 18-220X subwoofer which provides high-power handling, great efficiency, very low distortion and accurate sound reproduction. Key features include:
• 4-inch “inside/outside” voice coil wound on both sides of the glass fiber coil former, providing more effective cooling through greater air contact
• The light weight and robust cast aluminum frame is shaped to minimize reflections on the back of the cone
• The entire loudspeaker is designed to work as a “heat sink” for extreme cooling efficiency
• The advanced magnet topology ensures an even  distribution of magnetic flux throughout the whole magnet assembly, resulting in symmetrical motor movement preventing stray flux which can cause interference
• The glass-fiber impregnated cone incorporates a sealed surround and added edge-damping to greatly reduce the occurrence of unwanted cone resonances
• The vented magnet ensures constant air circulation to drive heat away from the magnet assembly


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