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This is our story.

Our big dreams and our humble beginnings


“We are motivated by our vision which is to be a
global provider of music, communication and
sound technology”

Who would have thought that a small-time neighborhood music store in the 90s would later become one of the leading and premier professional audio and musical instruments provider in Mindanao?

Yup! That was us, many, many, many years ago. We were just one of the handful of music stores sprinkled around Davao City, nothing special really. We still vividly remember that time like it was just yesterday. It was in the summer of 1995 when we were brought together by one thing- our mutual love for music and sound technology. In that small rented space in Ponciano St., we were first known as Better Components Trading.

During our first year, it was a struggle at first to get our name out there in the very much crowded music-retail industry as we were considered the rookies. Our story is not an instant success story. It was a very slow and tedious yet rewarding process to get to the top but who ever said it was going to be easy? It may have not been a walk in the park but we were determined to make it.

After a few years, business has boomed and our small, rented space in Ponciano St., cannot contain our big dreams anymore. So we packed our bags and moved into our own 3-story building located at the heart of Davao City. This was then when we officially changed our name to Better Components Inc.


“Professional Audio is  and will always be our first love.”

Pro-Audio: Our first love

Who are we as a company? There came to a point when we have to clearly define our brand as a company. Are we a musical instrument store who happens to sell speakers or perhaps is it the other way around. Is it both? After many nights of tossing and turning and several discussions (some of it were a tad too intense) amongst ourselves, we have finally come up with our identity that defines who we really are.

We are first and foremost, a sound system company. Professional Audio will be and will always be our first love. We love it when we listen to our clients rave about how great the music is or how the clarity of music has helped them relax. This is what we do and dare we might say that this is what we do best.

What happens next?

Because of our love for Pro Audio, it is but logical to develop a love for musical instruments. When we started expanding our product lines to include musical instruments, our client base also expanded and we got to meet fun and awesome people along the way. We have handpicked each brand that enter our stores in order to bring you the excellent instruments at all price points.


Provide joy

and happiness

Make people

sing, dance, and

praise God

Help others

relax & de-stress

Facilitate learning

development, and


We  made mistakes and learned new lessons along the way.  That small store in Ponciano St now has grown to 7 branches all over the Visayas and Mindanao area. We are continually expanding our reach to many more people and to more places.

After many years of supplying the market with professional audio equipment and musical instruments, we have just expanded our product portfolio into the multimedia industry with LED walls and projectors. Exciting isn’t it?! We not only provide great sound quality but we now aim to provide you with great and fantastic visuals as well.

As we fondly look behind us at our humble beginning we look forward to a very exciting and challenging future. We are motivated by our vision which is to be a global provider of music, communication and sound technology. We are continuously and rapidly expanding our reach across Mindanao and the Philippines in hopes of spreading our great love for music and our unquenchable desire to bring excellent passionate service to  you.


We have a total of seven

branches all over

Mindanao and Visayas.

We would love for you

to visit us soon!


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Be part of our team.

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