Sample 5

Sample 5

Publishers think they’re getting a raw deal in America.  And they’re probably right.  But you can’t deregulate without destroying some of the biggest music streaming services in the world.

Depending on the day, my in-box features an urgent message about one music industry special interest or another.

Broadcast radio needs to pay for recordings!

Broadcast radio shouldn’t be forced to pay!

Satellite radio needs to pay for pre-1972 oldies!

Publishers need to be freed from onerous government-mandated rates!

… and so forth.

Each of these pleas is a winner-take-all, fight to the finish.  It’s about expanding one sliver of the music industry pie, even if that shrinks the entire pie.  Which is exactly what’s been happening for the past 15 years.

It’s never about growing the entire pie.  I’ve never seen a détente between recording and publishing interests, a summit in which the various industry interests figure out how to give-and-take.  And double the value of the business in the process.

Actually, I have.  I can think of two examples, both wretched failures at industry cooperation.  SDMI (back in the early 2000s) and GRP (Global Repertoire Database).  Sometimes I think this industry would rather burn the restaurant down than let someone else grab a buffet plate.

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