Product Highlight of the Month: B-52 Professional Audio

Product Highlight of the Month: B-52 Professional Audio


If you happen to visit our showrooms in Mindanao and in the Visayas, you might have noticed one brand that is so prominently displayed in our store fronts- B-52 professional. Chances are, if you have not yet visited our showroom (which you really should), this is probably your first time hearing about this brand.

Yeah. Well, we aim to change that.

So on to the question. Who is B-52 Professional Audio and why are they displayed so prominently in our showrooms?

Introducing B-52 Professional

B-52 Professional is a  professional audio manufacturer currently based in Huntington Park, California. Having been around the industry for 30 years, the company continues to innovate and manufacture excellent quality pro-audio equipment for the pro-sound industry. Mr. Eli El-Kiss, the company’s CEO and founder, recounts their journey from a relatively obscure business to becoming one of the reputable brands in the industry.

“About 30 years ago, my son and I purchased a small table saw and single sheet of plywood from a hardware store. We spent seven hours building our first speaker cabinet. I remember that day vividly because we didn’t just set out to build a speaker cabinet – we were determined to create a great one. Within 24 hours, we presented the cabinet sample to local distributors in downtown Los Angeles. We took orders for more than a hundred of them, and that is how it all started.

Three decades later, my son Avi and I are still at it. Proudly, B-52 now sells tens of thousands of products each year and our relentless pursuit of excellence, just as with our very first cabinet, is applied to each and every product we offer today.”

Better Components  and B-52

It was in Germany when Mr. Sajonia, the founder and CEO, of Better Components met Mr. Avi El-Kiss in the 2007 Musikmesse Tradeshow, one of the major tradeshows in the music industry. Impressed by the powerful performance of the Matrix System while he just happened to pass by the B-52 booth, Mr. Sajonia knew that he had to introduce this brand in the Philippines.  Currently Better Components Inc. is the exclusive distributor of all B-52 professional products in the Philippines.


Unique brand

In the sea of many pro-audio brands and equipment, what makes this brand unique? Generally, all B-52 products are made in their very own factory in California. With virtually 100% of the production process in their control, more focus is given to detail and quality control to ensure that all their products surpass the industry standard.

Another factor that makes these speakers unique lies in its specifications. To put it plainly, it specs are not just the industry standard- they have surpassed the industry standard! Not only are these one the sturdiest products in the market, but they also deliver excellent sound quality and sonic accuracy at a very fair price. Because of this, B-52 Professional is well rated by the international pro-sound industry.

In a chat with our engineering department about the performance of the B-52 speakers, they laughingly joked that B-52 speakers is one of their favorite brands to recommend to customers because “dili dali maguba” (it is not easily damaged).  Ever since we began working with the brand, we have had a very low return rate of less than 1% from our customers.

One more reason why we hold such high esteem for the brand is because all B-52 products comes from a company that lives and breathes pro-audio and is very passionate about providing excellent sound quality to their customers. According to the B-52 Professional CEO, Mr. Eli Elkiss, B-52 have earned their reputation by offering innovation and reliability at a fair price, with the sort of customer service you should expect from a family owned company.  They stand by our products and care about their customers.

So what now?

We believe that every B-52 product is a very good investment. You have a six month warranty so if anything goes wrong (which rarely happens) we will willingly replace your unit with a new one. After warranty expires, you will not have to worry about because Better Components has a dedicated engineering team who will provide the technical support that you might need. If you need to have your unit repaired, we are just one call away.

For a complete list of all B-52 products currently available in the Philippines, click here or drop by today in any of our showrooms to find out more.

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